33 Home Office Organization Ideas Tidy it Up

It would help that you have floating cubbies above your home office tips. Piles of paper can quickly accumulate if you’re not careful. If there are pieces of paper lying there for a couple of days already, you can either opt to file or trash it.

File tax information and receipts together, while medical documents/records and school documents for your kids get their own folders. Consider creating a grab ‘n’ go emergency binder for important family documents like birth certificates, insurance, etc. While this provides the same benefits as both shelves and pegboards, a bulletin board is still a wise investment. They are cheaper alternatives to shelves and pegboards while providing similar functions.

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Hard-drive destruction is a great way to protect your data and keep your office organized. The way you declutter and organize your home office directly affects your productivity and happiness. Get handy organizational tips and space-saving hacks delivered straight to your inbox. You don’t have an office manager to restock your supplies anymore. The last thing you want is to run out of paper mid print job. And be sure to back up everything regularly on a hard drive and/or in the cloud.

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This common area should include a family calendar, a bulletin board with important reminders, a printer, and a charging station for electronic devices. With vast capacities and numerous shelves, bookcases are incredible pieces of storage furniture. Unfortunately, bookcases can also be some of the bulkiest items out there. To avoid overwhelming your home office space, look for a leaning or ladder bookcase instead of a traditional freestanding one. These sleek, attractive units can hold just as much as a classic bookcase without all the bulk. They come in super cute colors and patterns.Use a marker pen to label the washi tapes according to their respective gadgets the cords belong to.

Buy an office plant

After the project is finished, it goes into the filing cabinet. After a couple of years (depending on your business and how long you’re required to keep documentation), it should move to its final resting place — the recycling bin. If you’re working in a small space maximize the space, you have by using all of your wall space and creating custom shelves that fit the space you have. When organizing your desk think about what items you need to access quickly and easily and place them within reach of your workspace. Wicker baskets are a great office storage solution to help reduce the clutter.

How do I organize and declutter my office?

  1. Only keep the things you need.
  2. Organize your office based on practicality.
  3. Sort by keep, recycle/trash, and belongs elsewhere.
  4. Get your cables under control.
  5. Take a photograph.
  6. Digitize your notes and documents.

If you keep piling programs and documents onto your hard drive, eventually it’s going to get so cluttered that you’ll never find what you need, or you’ll run out of room. Use closed cabinets like they have here on the bottom for the office papers and supplies that you don’t want the world to see. The top open shelves are perfect for nice looking baskets and organizational supplies and décor.

Best Desk Organization Ideas to Maintain Your Minimalist Aesthetic

Search for a method that works best for you, and then try to follow this on a daily and weekly basis. Moreover, having these cubbies on the wall means more desk space for you. If you tend to accumulate piles of papers and office supplies on your desk, then this is ideal. This converted kitchen closet proves that you can make just about any space work-friendly with the right organizational tools.

So, if you want to create good organization habits, organize at least one thing every day. The good news is setting up and organizing a home office is easy. Simply follow the tips below and you’ll have an efficient, organized home office setup in no time.