Transform your field force and
promoters to full-fledged

Sales Dashboard

Set your priorities and align
your teams

Assign retailers to your field force to drive sales, engagement, and overall
customers success

  • Create personalized sales reports
  • Analyze sales performance in real-time
  • Track customer interactions and conversions

Ordering Journey

Personalized journeys for

View a tailored product catalogue to your retailers

  • Dynamic pricing and promotions based on retailers eligibility set by the supplier
  • Real-time availabilty of inventory
  • Recommend orders to retailers

Stock Visibility

Focus on achieving measurable outcomes

No need to carry stock, the field force can focus on driving product awareness and
generate sales and revenue

  • Real-time visibility of what is available to offer to retailers
  • Last-mile delivery of products
  • It’s important to stay detail oriented with every project we tackle