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HYKE’s marketplace model is a highly effective way to fulfill the growing demand for goods in the market. Unlike traditional procurement models that rely on third parties to source products, HYKE’s approach leverages technology to connect suppliers directly with consumers, allowing them to capture global demand for their products. HYKE is a leading e-commerce wholesaler, empowering it to achieve its vision of becoming a global leader in the industry.

Key features

An innovative solution that is product-oriented, modular, decoupled and cloud-native



Sellers can manage product bulk price lists in real-time that can be configured for a country, locations or customer segements.



Sellers can increase conversion and drive desired customer behaviour using multiple types of promotions and offers.



Sellers can leverage Hyke’s mutiple digital touch points to run demand generation programs quick, at scale with fast payouts.


Sales & Returns

Sellers can caputre orders via Hyke’s multiple ordering channels with a single-view of the customer, sales, stock and returns.

Track the performance of your business with unrivalled distribution intelligence and actionable insights

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