The right way to Have Sex within the Beach

If you’re just like most people, the simple idea of having sex on the beach invokes thoughts of carefree summer fun and some reckless impulsiveness. While they have not necessarily as intimate as it seems, a beach romp can be a fun experience, in cases where done correctly and safely.

A few tips on how to have sex on the beach:

1 . Find out your limitsIf this is the first time in the sand, you may always be tempted to search all out. Although it’s important to understand that sand can get inside your lover’s genitals, for anybody who is not careful. It can also irritate skin and cause micro-tears in your genitals, that could be painful.

2 . Prepare carefully intended for sand burn

If it’s a attractive day and you’re doing making love, make sure to use sunscreen, especially on your hands and feet. Otherwise, the warmth of the sun can in fact dry out the genitals, which will bring about a rash or irritation.

3. Stay secluded

Obtaining the perfect spot to carry out your sexual intercourse is going to take some planning and preparation. This runs specifically true if you’re looking to avoid the sunlight and crowd, or desire to avoid persons finding your passionate activity.

4. Bring the right provides

It’s also a great way to get a towel, condoms, and some lubricant (water-based lubricant doesn’t wash off as well). And if you want about sexing through the night, a torch can help you identify your private spot.